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Anal Fissures

Anal fissure simply means “cuts in the anus.”  There is a tear in the skin of the anus which produces bleeding and a sharp pain when defecating.  If treated in its early stages it may heal quickly.  If not treated, it may become chronic.  If it goes on for months it may require surgery to be cured.

Treatment requires the following:

1. Make sure stools are soft. Eat a lot of fiber and add a bulk laxative (Metamucil, Citracil, Benefiber, Fibercon).

2. Sit in a sitz bath (hot water) at least 2-3 times a day, for 15-20 minute sessions.

3. Preparation H can be bought over the counter.  If not strong enough, then Anusol HC or Proctocreme, etc. applied to the rectum twice a day can be used (prescriptions).

4. Pain relief can be achieved with Nupercainol ointment or Lidocaine Ointment applied to the rectum as needed, until pain resolves.

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