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Stress is a vague term with various meanings to different people. It is a condition that causes worry or concern to an individual. This can be an upcoming exam, a competition, a recital, or even when the excitement is associated with a happy event, like a wedding or graduation. This emotional state is best understood when associated with adverse events hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes etc. But stress is also caused by problems at home, with family, with friends, with the health of those you love, or yourself. Stress is caused by worrying, and this can increase acid production and cause heartburn, reflux, stomach pains and ulcers. Stress may also cause chest pains, panic attacks, IBS attacks and more.

If any of this sounds familiar, take heart that you are like so many others and can receive simple treatments that can help improve for life. There are many homeopathic and pharmacologic entities that can be helpful.

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